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Get Connected and view our services live or tune-in to the live radio-broadcast.


Come join us during our Praise and Worship Service which is led by our own " Recording Artist Min. James Bryars Jr " Who is anointed and able to usher in the Presence of The Most High God, where the people can experience the Healing Power and Anointing of God. We believe at A.T.S.O.C.M. that true worship isn't what you experience when we come together to fellowship, but what you experience together as a group is only the result of your personal daily walk of worship in true obedience to Christ everyday. We believe God commands everyone to Praise him, no matter what you are facing on a daily basis. We believe that Praises to God is unconditional and that when we begin to Praise God on one accord and unconditionally, we will be able to receive the word of God properly and also be able to allow the seed to be planted in our hearts properly for us to grow in God effectively.

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